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Three Crucial Home Seller Tasks to Perform with the Estate Agent by Your Side

Selling a home requires more than just an idea of where the new house will be and a for sale sign in the yard of the current home. It takes planning and scheduling and phone calls and emails and numerous texts between the seller and the estate agent. In the complex process of home buying and selling, there are multiple people involved with a number of roles. The entire team of real estate professionals is important, but one stands out more than anyone else – the estate agent. This person will be a valuable partner through the entire process of moving home.

Through the moving home journey, an estate agent fills many roles for the seller of property. The estate agent begins the process as a complete stranger, but quickly becomes a trusted professional to lean on and believe in. There are several tasks the home seller and agent tackle together through the process of moving home, but there are three in particular which are paramount to finding success at the end.

Ways to Discover Your Community after Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is an exhilarating journey many people only take once, maybe twice in a lifetime. The only thing more exciting than moving into a new home and planting a life inside is discovering all the fresh, new things which are available outside. It is now time to discover a new community after moving into a new home. An estate agent is a great place to start gathering information on the new community, but to really get to know what the new landscape has to offer it is necessary to go out and do actual field research on two feet.

Getting to know a new community is just like a treasure hunt with hidden pots of gold. There are many chests to be found and not just one at the end. Start with a full list of questions for the estate agent who helps you discover the house of your dreams. This person will not just have hints about the area surrounding the new home, but a working knowledge of the city and region. The estate agent spends all their time in this area. It is even more likely your estate agent actually lives in the city in which the new house was built. Trust their opinions and knowledge of the area, and then do some exploring on your own.

Moving Home Strategy for a Growing Family

Moving home happens for numerous reasons. Sometimes a move home is necessary for a new job. Sometimes a move is a requirement to assist family members, or close friends. And sometimes a move home happens to live life from a new vantage point because a fresh start is needed. But, one of the most common reasons for a move home is due simply to needing more room for a growing family, with maybe a new addition on the way real soon.

Moving home for a growing family means looking for a home with more rooms and likely more square feet. Whilst this seems as though it is the perfect solution initially, it needs careful consideration and planning for the new home to work out as planned. Here is a quick list of some of the most common factors to consider whilst a new, bigger home is thought of as the best solution for a growing family.

Moving Home Involves Numerous Steps – Have a Backup Plan

Moving home is a process involving many people with multiple responsibilities. Many of the players within the moving team are seasoned veterans and rarely see hiccups in the journey. Most of the time, those moving home are able to set a date to move, mark it on their calendar, then follow through with no interruptions. This type of moving home takes place every day. Then, there are the other types of days. Days in which many balls are not dropped so to speak, just mishandled, creating a glitch in the system and pushing moving day back maybe a few days, maybe more. The perfect move home is always the goal, but reality sometimes gets in the way and delays what was supposed to go off without a hitch. That is why there always needs to be a backup plan.

Completion day is the day. What starts out for a person moving home is the idea of changing their space, maybe getting a new job, maybe starting or ending a relationship, and maybe just wanting a new landscape in which to call home. What begins as a thought can quickly escalate into looking at homes online for hours and then calling an estate agent the next day. This process of wanting to move home culminates in completion day or the day in which the keys are picked up for the new property and moving officially begins.

How to Make Your New Home Shine in Your First Dinner Party

It is inevitable that you will be holding a dinner party in your new home not long after moving in, because not only do you want to share your home with family and friends, but everyone will be excited and anxious to see it. You want your new home to shine in its first impression to everyone and there are a few quick things you can do to make that happen and carry out your dinner party with ease. Whether it is an impromptu event or long planned, keep in mind that it is important that you enjoy the event as much as your guests and that will set the ambiance for a perfect evening.

Don’t worry so much about trying to impress with your cooking skills or your menu planning for the event. Instead choose something simple that will be easy to make and likely to be something anyone at the table will be happy eating. Pasta is always a good, easy, and quick choice, but you might find a special recipe online. If you do choose a new recipe, make sure to fix it ahead of time so you are familiar with the steps and you know you like the food. By choosing a simple meal you will be less stressed and it will enable you to enjoy your guests and give mini tours of your new home when they arrive.

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