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What You Need to Know about Help to Buy for First Time Home Buyers

First time buyers have always been challenged to save enough money to afford a deposit on their first property. The group has been known to go to extremes in order to reach the first rung of the property ladder. Finding a friend’s sofa to sleep on for a time, staying put in the family home of mum and dad, and working more than one job are just a few of the options first time home buyers resort to in an effort to afford a deposit. For years, there have been government supported programmes available for the group of first timers.

Help to Buy, launched in 2013, is celebrating five years of assisting first time buyers onto the first rung of the property ladder. Through December of 2017, this government programme has assisted almost 160,000 first time buyers achieve a spot on the ladder. There are many houses on the market which qualify for Help to Buy. Inquiring about these houses is as simple as asking your estate agent.

How to Work Through New Home Move In and Decorating Procrastination

Choosing and buying your dream home is only a step to making it fully materialize. No one steps directly into a property and calls it complete. There are always things to be done, changes to be made, and decorating tasks that require decisions. Yet, there are those homeowners that procrastinate and can’t seem to put into action the projects that will reach the final goal.

New homeowners are fully capable of seeing themselves permanently “in process” with completing their move and completing their personal touch on the home. It may be weeks, months, and even years into the move that a homeowner will be pointing out to guests and family the plans that have been made but are still yet to be finalized. Making excuses and feeling more in place in a home partially complete than done, it is hard to push aside procrastinating habits and focus on the plan and make it happen. After all, there are no decorating mistakes or regrets when the process is always in action and not quite finished.

Simple and Innovative Ways to Update Your Furniture and Home Accessories

Moving into a new home is exciting and one thing that can put a damper into the process is looking around and feeling that you simply took the inside of your old home and placed it within your new one. It can be disappointing and you are left with a desire to just start completely over to truly give your new home the opportunity to shine. However, there is a simpler way to update the décor and offer your home the new and fresh look you desire.

One of the quickest ways to update your home’s look is to switch out frames in which your photos are displayed. You can change out the style and it will make a dramatic change. You could also simply choose a new color for your display frames and in that case a simple paint project will give you the new look you are after. There are very good metallic, hammered, and textured paints on the market that will give you a bold and dramatic, or purely classic or contemporary look for your new home.

Your Easy Plan for a Well Decorated New Home

Decorating a home is exciting. Chances are you have already spent countless hours imagining what it should and will look like. You’ve explored photos online and you’ve watched a few home decorating television shows and videos as well. However, once the time has come and you are now facing the task of completing the process all of your ideas can fall around your feet. You no longer feel confident that your ideas will work. You doubt that the end will give you the result you want. No worry, because here is an easy plan to bring things together and your creativity will fill in the gaps and make it uniquely your style.

First you need to choose a color. In fact, make the color the actual story of the home. Colors invoke emotions and mood. You should choose your colors according to how you want to feel when you are in the space. It will also impact your guests when they visit. Here is a great article on choosing paint colors for the interior of your home: How to Make the Perfect Paint Color Choices for Your New Home 

Tips to Overcome Analysis Paralysis as You Move Home

House hunting season is here. Many across the country have chosen this time of the year to start the process of moving home and are eager to get started. Moving home is sometimes considered quite stressful, involves many people, and can extend far beyond the original moving date which was set in the beginning. These things are enough for many movers to stop, think twice, and take a long look in the mirror to decide whether they really want to go through with it. Most do, but some don’t. They become victims to a popular condition known as Analysis Paralysis. Here are some steps to help you overcome these feelings of doubt and move forward into the house of your dreams.

To start, we need to nail down a specific definition of Analysis Paralysis. It is a condition which affects thousands of people each day as they make their way through a typical day at work, face a major decision about taking a holiday, or are contemplating moving home.

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