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Tips for Finding a Great Estate Agent for Your House Buying Process

When you are ready to take the next step in buying a home and choose an estate agent you will likely find the task a bit more daunting than expected. There are typically many to choose from and within agencies there are several agents. Rather than flipping a coin or closing your eyes and picking one from a webpage listing, use these helpful tips to find a great estate agent and make your home buying process the best possible.

Get a word of mouth referral from someone you know recently purchased a home. They may or may not refer their personal estate agent to you with enthusiasm. Their experience will certainly put you on a path of who or who not to use. However, make sure you ask specifics if they weren’t happy because perhaps the situation was more the fault of the buyers or seller and not the estate agent. If the event turned out positively despite a hurdle or problem, then perhaps that estate agent would be one to choose considering they worked through the situation to a positive outcome.

Best Tips to Ensure Thrift Store Purchased Items are a Success in a New Home

Thrift stores offer a bevy of brilliant finds to place in a new home or existing home. The range of items available to sort through to find that one distinct discovery is far and wide. In short, any room of a new home can be dressed up through items which can be found relatively inexpensively in a local thrift shop. Now, making those items work perfectly in a home setting is the trick. There are many opinions out on how to successfully visit a thrift store, pick out the perfect items and make them fit in to the home décor. Here are some of the most useful tips to make thrift store items work in any home.

First, get acquainted with DIY and how to best put it to use. Maybe start with some items around the house which are not from the thrift store just to get the hang of how to complete a project. This will be quite beneficial when you bring home that first distressed office desk or chair to revive and make work in the home. DIY, or do it yourself tools, are located in numerous places online. There are also a number of fine books on the subject, including some which are project specific.

Use Moving to Your New Home as an Opportunity to Organize Your Bookshelves Creatively

Despite the trend of people reading books digitally, there are always going to be books we want to hold in our hand. Moving them might not be easy as they can be much heavier than expected when packing them away, but few of us are willing to depart with them and lighten the moving load. Instead of punishing yourself mentally for holding onto your books, consider them decorating accents and plan to organize your bookshelves with a creative flair. It is after all trendy to do so and you will be making the most of your beloved books.

Consider wrapping your books in one color of book or craft paper to make them unified. On the shelf they will disappear into the background and seem less chaotic as they were on the shelf with their many different book spines. If you are really up for a creative project consider using the books to make a decorative abstract design by wrapping the books in various colors and arranging them to make a larger art design.

Bathroom Decorating Tips for a New Home

New homeowners have plenty to keep them busy when decorating and styling their home. With so much to do they often overlook the ability to give a bathroom extra attention. Often left to itself, it is a dull and boring area that could actually be the final detail that brings a home together. Guests will notice the extra touch and you will appreciate the extra effort in the months ahead in your new home.

Here are some tips to help you add style and flair to the most overlooked room in the home, the bathroom:

Brilliant Tips for Hanging a Gallery Wall of Art in a New Home

Displaying art in a home is just that, art. Many new home owners see this exercise as the perfect way to personalise a home and make it their own. They see it as a way to put their own details on the inside of a new home purchase which sort of completes the puzzle, the overall look. The great thing about displaying art on a wall is that it can include a wide mix of different styles, colors, and themes. This is a wall full of art made up of personal items, so no rules apply. The only real important aspects of an interior wall of display art are spacing, grouping, and framing. Here are four fantastic tips to pull off an interior wall of art and make it look professionally done.

First, start the interior wall display of art with a detailed game plan. This plan is a nice way to prevent placing a lot of unnecessary nail holes in the wall. A game plan is the first step in pulling off a successful gallery wall of art. Place all the selections of art on the floor in front of the wall. Leave plenty of space between all frames and pieces. Leaving about 2 to 3 inches should be enough to get a real idea of how the wall will look after everything has been hung. A nice balance for frames is to think in odd numbers of frames together. Placing 3 frames in a top to bottom row is pleasing to the eye, as well as placing 9 frames together in a grid.

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