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How to Make the Perfect Paint Color Choices for Your New Home

You have bought your new home and you have moved in, but perhaps you don’t want to fully unpack until you have put your own touch on the décor by painting interior walls. Yet, that kind of pressure can have you staring at paint swatches until your eyes cross. It isn’t always easy to choose the right paint color and simply pulling one from an online décor photo could leave you wondering what you were thinking when you put the paint brush to the wall.

There are ways to help you narrow down your choices or find inspiration to help you get started among the array of color choices available in today’s paints.

Unique Ways to Make Your Home Pop in Photo Listings to Help It Sell Faster

If you do research online for tips and tricks to make your home stand out to home buyers to help it sell faster, one of the most popular tips will be to paint your home in neutral colours with white being the preference. Yet a home can look drab and sterile and without character or interest if there isn’t a good colour balance. This is especially true when potential home buyers are surfing through online home listings.

Below are unique ways to make your home pop in the photo listings by using colour in ways that will have potential home buyers taking notice.

How to Update a Home Without Having to Do Expensive Makeovers

Putting a home through a makeover can be done for many reasons, but perhaps two of the most usual are for refreshing a home to sell it or for a home buyer to upgrade a home that was in a great location but lacked a polished look inside. There are ways to upgrade the look of a home that require little effort and are affordable investments into the property. Try a few of these ideas or let them inspire you to make changes that will have you selling your home quickly or shining up your newly purchased home to be ready for entertaining family and friends.

Bathrooms are often easily overlooked and yet a quick upgrade can be obtained by switching out the faucet and controls of the sink. A new faucet can add a sparkle and make a sink look new itself. If you don’t feel you are handy enough to make it a do it yourself project there are installers that can do the job at small costs. Making a change to the kitchen faucet offers the same dramatic update.

Get Best Offers from Home Buyers by Staging Your Home Like the Professionals

When you have decided to sell your home you certainly do so with the intention of getting the best offer possible from home buyers. You want a fair price and you certainly want one that reflects its value. However, if you don’t present your home’s strong points in a way to attract a home buyer to want to make an offer then you have lost an opportunity. Home staging is a tool that when used wisely can make your home stand out in online listings as well as putting on its best show when visited by potential home buyers.

If you want to sell your home with the intention of getting a high offer and as quick as possible, then you have to dress your home up like the pros. Your style of décor and comfortableness in your home might not be what today’s buyers are interested in, so instead of showing off your unique home décor, consider staging your home like the professionals and put it to the top of buyer’s lists.

Guild of Property Professionals Working to Raise the Standard of Moving Home

Owning property is both a lifelong dream and huge responsibility. It is a blessing to own a house and is typically the most expensive item ever purchased. We spend time in our house making memories and celebrating all that life has to offer. We watch our kids grow up, see them go on their first dates, and then wait up for them on the couch until midnight to make sure they get home safely. Home is truly where life happens. Sometimes we have to move home, even if it’s not in our plans to do so. The process of moving requires an estate agent with experience and knowledge. That partner can be found in The Guild of Property Professionals.

The real estate buying and selling process of today can be stressful. An estate agent with a network of professionals behind them can make all the difference. Membership in the Guild of Property Professionals provides estate agents the tools to make the buying and selling process much smoother and without as many uncertain moments throughout. The Guild does this in a number of ways.

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