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Moving into a new home is exciting and one thing that can put a damper into the process is looking around and feeling that you simply took the inside of your old home and placed it within your new one. It can be disappointing and you are left with a desire to just start completely over to truly give your new home the opportunity to shine. However, there is a simpler way to update the décor and offer your home the new and fresh look you desire.

One of the quickest ways to update your home’s look is to switch out frames in which your photos are displayed. You can change out the style and it will make a dramatic change. You could also simply choose a new color for your display frames and in that case a simple paint project will give you the new look you are after. There are very good metallic, hammered, and textured paints on the market that will give you a bold and dramatic, or purely classic or contemporary look for your new home.

Paints are also the first thing to consider when looking at tired and uninspiring pieces of furniture. You don’t even have to fully paint it but can paint accents or simply the top. Doing so will add visual appeal and a change that your eye will pick up as you scan the area.

Sofas and chairs and even tables can be given new life by replacing the legs. It can totally take a piece of furniture and switch it into a completely new décor category. Classic can become retro or contemporary by simply replacing the legs.

Furniture and cabinets are totally transformed with new hardware. It is perhaps one of the most subtle but dramatic changes you can make to a piece of furniture, a kitchen, or a bathroom. Don’t limit yourself to what you find at a local store, but consider shopping at an antique or thrift market or online for the right choice.

If you have plants then perhaps they deserve a new home as well. You can completely replant it into a new pot, or you can make a quick and easy change by placing the current plant pot down into another larger and deeper one. The embedding of one pot into another can be hidden by placing plant moss loosely around the plant to hide that it is in a separate container. Some are well hidden due to the depth of the new pot and require nothing. Other ideas are to paint the pot with a safe paint, to add accents, or to simply apply ribbon or fabric around the rim or center of the pot.

Switching out lampshades can turn an old and tired lamp into a chic focal point of a room. Lampshades are overlooked and yet their wear over years can have them looking tired and uninspiring. Switching out the lamp covers will not only make them look new and have them fitting in lovely, but they will throw out and display light in a new way into the room. It will be hard for you to remember they were simply redressed and not fully replaced.

Replace your small display items that once brought your old rooms together. Give away to a friend, family member, or charity thrift store those small trinkets that used to offer the finishing touch to your décor. Update with new ones and your design will be fresh and match current trends, but also bring together a new look for you.

Change out decorative pillows and if possible indulge in some high end choices. Choosing new decorative pillows for sitting areas and your bedroom will liven up the sofa and chairs as well as your bed. Since many homeowners find their budget tight when moving in to their new home a great choice is to choose several affordable and plain pillows and a few choice designer ones to give the area pop and interest.

Finally, consider your bedroom furniture and what you can do to fix it up and make it more romantic, trendier, bolder, or even make it the focal point of the room. You could cover the headboard in fabric, paint it, or simply replace it altogether. That one choice will make the bedroom furniture look different and new to you.

You don’t need to throw out and replace all of your furnishings and accessories to make the home feel new and fresh. Clever and creative choices to take the existing furniture and change it will have the entire house looking new and fresh to you and your old furniture and accessories will then be truly deserving of a place in your new home.

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