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When you are ready to take the next step in buying a home and choose an estate agent you will likely find the task a bit more daunting than expected. There are typically many to choose from and within agencies there are several agents. Rather than flipping a coin or closing your eyes and picking one from a webpage listing, use these helpful tips to find a great estate agent and make your home buying process the best possible.

Get a word of mouth referral from someone you know recently purchased a home. They may or may not refer their personal estate agent to you with enthusiasm. Their experience will certainly put you on a path of who or who not to use. However, make sure you ask specifics if they weren’t happy because perhaps the situation was more the fault of the buyers or seller and not the estate agent. If the event turned out positively despite a hurdle or problem, then perhaps that estate agent would be one to choose considering they worked through the situation to a positive outcome.

Check estate agency websites online. This can offer you information as to any professional awards the agency or particular agents have been awarded. If the award is offered by peers or by consumers will also be of interest. Those offered by peers will show that the agency is well perceived by others in the industry and those offered by consumers are a vote of confidence from clients.

You can also determine if the agency is committed to quality standards in their industry by being a part of an association or organization such as The Guild of Property Professionals. Such a connection will give you added confidence that you are on the right path to a great estate agent.

The website will also offer you information on how helpful the agency is in making sure their sellers and buyers are informed about the process. An agency that is willing to inform the public in general and be helpful to them on topics related to home selling and home buying is one that will likely be inclined to do so in practice with their individual clients.

Choose one that has experience working with property in the area you plan to buy. They will be well informed of not only homes for sale, but also specific neighborhoods and communities. This information will prove valuable in discovering up and coming areas and those growing in popularity or due to have enhancements such as a new green space built in the near future. They can also offer you information on schools, shopping, entertainment, medical care, and more in the area you want to buy.

Contact the potential estate agent you are considering several times on the phone and determine if they are patient with your calls and willing to return them promptly. Do keep in mind that they will need to put their actual clients as a priority so you shouldn’t expect an immediate call back, however you should hear back from them in a reasonable amount of time. This will give you a good idea of how easy or hard it will be to communicate with them later on should you choose them for your estate agent.

Look beyond the estate agent you choose and get to know the workers in the agency. There are those that are support staff to the agents and they will be important to you as well. They may be the one to transfer messages, to contact you with information, and more, and your ability to feel comfortable with their professionalism and work ethic will make a difference to your experience.

Clarify with the estate agents you interview with as to how they will communicate with you, such as if they will take calls or only text message. If you prefer text messaging ask if they do so since some may not. If you have a preference them make sure it matches what your estate agent is willing to do. Also ask at what hours they are willing to communicate with you. This information is especially important if you have varied or irregular work hours.

Since no one is a super hero and life happens at times, make sure you ask who would fill in should your estate agent take ill or have a personal commitment that requires their attention. Knowing who would take over and see to your interests will give you peace of mind.

Once you feel you have important information in hand and can decide, then inform the agent you want to work with them and get started. The estate agent is perhaps the most important member of your house hunting team and careful consideration should be given to choosing them.

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