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Thrift stores offer a bevy of brilliant finds to place in a new home or existing home. The range of items available to sort through to find that one distinct discovery is far and wide. In short, any room of a new home can be dressed up through items which can be found relatively inexpensively in a local thrift shop. Now, making those items work perfectly in a home setting is the trick. There are many opinions out on how to successfully visit a thrift store, pick out the perfect items and make them fit in to the home décor. Here are some of the most useful tips to make thrift store items work in any home.

First, get acquainted with DIY and how to best put it to use. Maybe start with some items around the house which are not from the thrift store just to get the hang of how to complete a project. This will be quite beneficial when you bring home that first distressed office desk or chair to revive and make work in the home. DIY, or do it yourself tools, are located in numerous places online. There are also a number of fine books on the subject, including some which are project specific.

After becoming familiar with DIY, visit the local thrift store. These stores contain items which are new and old, typically very old and not in mint condition. Do not worry about how old some items appear. This only means the price will be lower and more within budget.

Purchasing items to restore and make work in the home takes practice, but with these tips first time projects can be a success. Purchasing items to restore makes a difference when the items are already high quality. This makes a major difference in the final outcome of how a particular piece works in a room and its longevity. Furniture pieces are a great example of where good quality can be found and poor quality can be recognised.

Avoiding furniture with particle board is a good idea. Furniture with cardboard backs and bottoms is also a good thing to avoid. Furniture with dovetail joints and emblems stamped on them somewhere are good indications of higher than average quality. These traits are simple to find and identify. Logos or emblems are also easy to look up online standing right in the middle of the thrift store with a smartphone. Again, even if the items look heavily distressed, those which are built well have a much better chance of lasting much longer than those which are not built well.

Next, make certain the furniture or other pieces have an appropriate space in your home before bringing them home. This is quite an important tip. Making sure the pieces fit well in the overall theme and time period compared with other items can make the space look in style or out of sync. This is quite important whilst large pieces are being added to a space.

Items picked up in a thrift store and repainted can make big impact based on the chosen color. For example, many thrift store experts claim spray painting gold fixtures on furniture can make quite an impact and change the entire look of the piece. Painting furniture pieces is a DIY project which many home owners choose to take on. Although many have not attempted DIY projects in the past, they find their confidence increase quickly with just one small project under their belt.

Lastly, to increase thrift store success, choose pieces which can be easily restored or made over. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first time beginner, picking out pieces which can easily be turned into space ready items is best. This allows you to pick out pieces, bring them home, and quickly make them ready to be placed inside. Approaching thrift stores with this mindset not only makes it possible to add numerous pieces with little effort, it also shortens the time before you can go visit the thrift store again for some more great deals. Happy hunting!

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