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New homeowners have plenty to keep them busy when decorating and styling their home. With so much to do they often overlook the ability to give a bathroom extra attention. Often left to itself, it is a dull and boring area that could actually be the final detail that brings a home together. Guests will notice the extra touch and you will appreciate the extra effort in the months ahead in your new home.

Here are some tips to help you add style and flair to the most overlooked room in the home, the bathroom:

  • Use a soothing palette. Stay away from the inspiration to go too bold. Instead think Zen and relaxing. Your color palette should trigger a relaxed mood. Neutral earth colors, tones of white and soft blues are popular choices.
  • If needed, update the light fixtures in the bathroom. Nothing outdates a home like an older style bathroom light. The good news is that they are very affordable and are easy to replace by the DIY weekend warrior.
  • Mirrors are an easy way to add flair and style to a bathroom. Match the style of your home with the mirror and it will bring everything together. An antique mirror with a heavy frame, or an unframed mirror with back ambient lighting are examples of matching a home’s style.
  • If you plan to add artwork, the bathroom is a great place to put a large piece of artwork. It will actually make the room seem bigger if placed on an empty wall. Grouping artwork of the same theme can be used if they are smaller and don’t crowd the area. Pay special attention to use frames that compliment your color scheme and style. Abstract artwork is a great choice as it can help add to the soothing and relaxing mood you are trying to invoke.
  • A quick and easy upscale decorating project is adding small tiles in a row on the wall. It can line across several walls or be added to just above the sink. Again you will want to pick a tile that matches the style of your home. If it is a contemporary home style you might want to choose a glass tile. If you are unsure, ask a specialist from the seller to help you choose the right style.
  • Another style change that can be made is to replace your current sink in stand with under cabinets to a wall mounted sink. This frees up floor room and makes the area appear and feel larger. The wall mounted sinks come in various styles and the right one for your bathroom can be found easily to match your home décor style.
  • If you aren’t up for replacing the entire sink, then consider replacing the faucet. Doing so will update the entire sink area and make it shiny and new looking even if it isn’t.
  • Bring prints into your bathroom through the window dressing, the shower curtain, or with a rug. Prints are a great option, especially if you have decided to not add artwork to a wall. It will add texture and interest to the room. Make sure you choose items that can handle moisture and make sure the rug is non slip.
  • Don’t overcrowd the surface area around the sink. For items you will use daily or quite often consider using glass containers to contain them. Choose glass containers that add shape, color, or match the style of your décor for extra interest in a rather un-interesting area.
  • Consider painting the inside of the door an unexpected color totally different from the outside. It can add a visual focus, a pop of color, and is an opportunity to add another detail to your decorating efforts.
  • Plants are a nice touch to the bathroom. There are some that will flourish in a low light and high moisture area such as orchids. Make sure to choose a nice pot for the plant that adds to your style efforts while still making the perfect home for your plant to grow and thrive. If needed, choose a pot that the original one can sit inside of to make the transition easier.
  • Hooks to hang towels, clothing, and robes on is a necessity for a bathroom. Consider investing in a top quality set of them it they suit your style for the investment will be worth it, or repurpose something from an antique find that performs the task though it is not quite a hook. A great example is an antique glass doorknob.

Bathrooms are used often in our daily life and should not be overlooked in our decorating plans. They are where we start our days and end them to prepare for sleeping, so consider decorating them in a style that will be relaxing and invoke feelings that are stress free. By choosing to give attention to the bathroom décor you will add to the appeal and style of your new home overall.

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