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You have bought your new home and you have moved in, but perhaps you don’t want to fully unpack until you have put your own touch on the décor by painting interior walls. Yet, that kind of pressure can have you staring at paint swatches until your eyes cross. It isn’t always easy to choose the right paint color and simply pulling one from an online décor photo could leave you wondering what you were thinking when you put the paint brush to the wall.

There are ways to help you narrow down your choices or find inspiration to help you get started among the array of color choices available in today’s paints.

Experts encourage homeowners to consider the purpose of the room before deciding on a color for walls, accessories for the room, furniture, or even artwork. You want to take into consideration the emotions that are triggered unconsciously by color. You will want to pick calming colors for a bedroom or a young child’s room while you would likely chose bolder colors for an office or a child’s playroom.

To find inspiration look at the colors you enjoy wearing the most. Open up your closet and pull out your favorite clothes. The clothes that make you feel confident and happy. Those same colors might be a perfect choice to incorporate into your home. You can use complimentary colors or contrasting colors from your partner’s favorite colors in their wardrobe and blend the colors within a personal room like the bedroom. One wall can be painted differently than the others or a trim or the back of a shelving area can be painted a discovered color from your wardrobe.

When choosing the paint color for your family room or kitchen consider how you will be using the rooms. If you like to entertain in the evenings you might want to choose bold dark colors and if the rooms will be used for relaxing gatherings for the family calmer light colors will be the right choice.

Consider matching an outside color that is seen in your garden or through a window and bring it inside. Take a picture of the area you enjoy most and choose a matching color to bring nature inside the room. You can therefore enjoy the color of your peonies all year long by matching a paint color exactly to the blooms.

If you have a particular piece of art or a photograph that you want to feature in a room then use a wall paint color that will allow it to be the focus rather than compete with it. You can do the same to feature a fireplace, a special piece of furniture, or a view through a window.

When narrowing your choices between colors make sure to see the paint swatch in the actual room you will be using the paint. View it in the different lighting of the room to make sure it plays well in both day and night. Also place it against furniture and other items of color that will be placed in the room to make sure the color accents or contributes to those items as intended.

The current trending strong neutral colors are white and grey. You can use these colors on your walls and make them uniquely yours by using tones of white or grey that have underlying colors within them like pink or blues.

The perfect paint color can if found to be all wrong be easily corrected with a new color. An expert decorating tip is to paint only one wall and see if you like the color. If you do, then you can paint the rest of the room or choose to paint the other walls a lighter or darker color in the same hue. If you discover you don’t like the color you can choose a different one or perhaps a lighter or darker shade of the original color.

When choosing to paint consider first painting a primer so that the underlying color doesn’t come through and subtly change your choice to something you didn’t expect. A primer paint makes the wall a neutral white color to allow the true color application of your paint to show. Without a primer your perfect color choice could display all wrong.

When searching for the perfect paint color realize that there are different color choices to be found between different brands. If you aren’t finding the right color then consider looking at choices from a different paint maker.

Finally, take your color inspiration from the lifestyle you want with your new home. If you want to be energized and motivated then choose colors to make you feel that way. If you want to feel bolder and more confident in your new lifestyle then pick colors to create that mindset. For a lifestyle that allows you to destress and reboot for the next day choose colors that make you feel relaxed and centered. Knowing which colors invoke these emotions in you can be found in your preferred choices when looking at items or photographs. Note what emotions are drawn out when you are exposed to specific colors and hues and that will lead you to the right choice of color for the rooms’ purposes within your home.

While some people will quickly decide to try and match their paint color to a key color exposed within their home accessories, by taking your time to choose for each room and your home as a whole you will be setting yourself up to find your new home exactly the dream home you had wanted all along.

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