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Decorating a home is exciting. Chances are you have already spent countless hours imagining what it should and will look like. You’ve explored photos online and you’ve watched a few home decorating television shows and videos as well. However, once the time has come and you are now facing the task of completing the process all of your ideas can fall around your feet. You no longer feel confident that your ideas will work. You doubt that the end will give you the result you want. No worry, because here is an easy plan to bring things together and your creativity will fill in the gaps and make it uniquely your style.

First you need to choose a color. In fact, make the color the actual story of the home. Colors invoke emotions and mood. You should choose your colors according to how you want to feel when you are in the space. It will also impact your guests when they visit. Here is a great article on choosing paint colors for the interior of your home: How to Make the Perfect Paint Color Choices for Your New Home 

The colors should also offer a smooth transition from room to room. It is perfectly fine for you to choose a bold color for one room and then a softer tone for the next room, but there should be a smooth transition between the rooms. An easy way to achieve this is to pick the same color on a paint color swatch and choose the darkest and boldest of the colors and then the softest on the same swatch. It should offer a smooth transition. There are many paint suppliers that group paint colors that complement one another and you can choose colors from that palette.

However, don’t attempt to use all of your favorite colors or tones on the walls. Consider painting just one wall a different color, or paint a repurposed piece of furniture, or paint the trim in the room. You don’t want to be bombarded with colors from room to room, but rather tell a story and let the colors flow and suggest a planned style effort.

Next, decide what you want your eye to be drawn to within a room. There might be a fireplace in the family room, or a piece of artwork, or the view from the window that you want to accentuate and bring focus to when you enter the room. Make sure you allow the focal point to stand out. Put light near or on it. Let the flow through the room direct you to the area. Don’t overcrowd that area and let it stand out and shine.

Customize each room with an unexpected touch. Splurge on a whimsical throw pillow for the sofa or find luxury pull backs for your window dressings. Customized lamp shades, or a repurposed antique door made into a family table add a special touch. Don’t be afraid to allow time to bring you to these one of kind items for your rooms. It will give you an excuse to look at thrift stores, or antique shops, or pick up an item online that brings your home’s story to a whole new level.

As you are decorating your home, keep walking through and minimize the items you have on display. The one mistake often made when decorating a new house is trying to mix all of the old with the new things you have wanted to add to your new home. It can overwhelm the space and you could lose sight of the goal which is to make your home relaxing, welcoming, and a happy space for you. Chaos will soon win over if you aren’t careful. Put things away and keep counter space as clear as possible. Display lightly when it comes to trinkets, photo frames, and other items. Less is more in home décor.

While you want to keep chaos to a minimum and keep your display items from overwhelming the space, don’t be afraid to display key items that remind you of what you wanted to feel and do in the space. Fresh herbs in small pots in the kitchen will offer a smart decorating choice while also reminding you that you wanted to use the kitchen a lot and bring family and friends together with meals as much as possible. A few favorite books placed near a side lamp positioned for reading time can be artful while providing a reminder to take time to sit and indulge in a good book.

Take bold steps in a few unexpected places in your new home. Perhaps you love the Pantone color of the year, but can’t seem to find how to work it into your décor. You could paint the inside of a closet door or a wall inside it and know it is there and provide yourself and your guests should they see it with the idea that your decorating style offers a few surprises. For information on the Pantone color of the year check out this article: The Latest Home Decorating Trend is Wrapped Around the Colour of the Year 

To bring balance to any room in the house use groupings to center and ground the room. A group of mismatched and different height candlesticks on a dining table, or matching lamps on each side of a bed, or themed artwork by the same artist grouped on a wall, or several photos displayed in matching frames on a shelf or wall. Grouping in a room will help ground the room and keep it in balance.

Choose overhead lighting that either brings attention to a room and is a focal point or let the light fixtures fade into the viewpoint.

Finally, consider using some of your decorating accents seasonally. For instance, accent pillows or artwork can be changed out during the seasons to brighten up a room or make it feel warmer and cozier in the winter. Once spring arrives changing out those accessory items will make the room feel new and fresh. The same can be said for summer and autumn.

These tips will prove helpful in keeping you confident that your decorating choices will come together successfully in your new home. Treat your interior design plans as a professional and put them to paper with visual color swatches, material choices, and sketches of how the layout will look. Keep the tips above handy and check out our other helpful professional interior design articles for more ideas. You’ve been dreaming about decorating your new home, it’s time to do it and enjoy every moment.

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