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Choosing and buying your dream home is only a step to making it fully materialize. No one steps directly into a property and calls it complete. There are always things to be done, changes to be made, and decorating tasks that require decisions. Yet, there are those homeowners that procrastinate and can’t seem to put into action the projects that will reach the final goal.

New homeowners are fully capable of seeing themselves permanently “in process” with completing their move and completing their personal touch on the home. It may be weeks, months, and even years into the move that a homeowner will be pointing out to guests and family the plans that have been made but are still yet to be finalized. Making excuses and feeling more in place in a home partially complete than done, it is hard to push aside procrastinating habits and focus on the plan and make it happen. After all, there are no decorating mistakes or regrets when the process is always in action and not quite finished.

The opportunity to buy your dream home or be set loose onto the market to find your own should certainly see you living fully in your vision for your family rather than not simply because you can’t seem to push yourself to put into action the designing concept that has been visualized.

There are many reasons that homeowners step away from completing their move into the home and leave stacked boxes within the garage, or live in a constant state of things needing to be done rather than completing the tasks and relishing in the end result. The most dominating reason for such behavior is fear. For there is the likelihood that one will totally misdirect the entire vision and end up with regrets and disappointment rather than the grand vision that exists for the homeowner mentally. There is the fear of making a bad choice, of being judged for the choices, of spending money poorly to bring a task to completion, and the off chance that one will when done find that they no longer are in love with the property once all is complete.

The first step into moving forward is to assure yourself that no choice is truly permanent. Walls can be repainted, walls knocked out can be replaced, and lighting fixtures changed out, furniture rearranged, and art work taken off the wall and repurposed elsewhere, even if it is on the wall of a friend’s home.

The most crippling fear of all is likely the one of being judged. In this case assure yourself that no one but you will be witness to your choices until you are ready for it to be seen. If you have immediate family or friends that might judge your décor choices and have open access to your home, then give yourself some security by letting them know you are testing your concepts by putting them into action and reviewing them visually after completion. Announcing that you are willing to complete and live with the result before making a final determination will allow you to mentally and emotionally proceed.

Another way to get the process rolling is to treat the project as a professional would and put the choices onto paper. Create vision boards to allow you to better see the project rather than viewing it only in your head. Place together paint and cloth swatches to compare the choices together, and make a visual sketch of how you will place furniture, artwork, and in what style you will choose window dressings, decorative pillows, and other accessories such as plants. If there are rooms of inspiration you have found in catalogs or magazines, then include them on the vision board as well.

Putting the concept into a form that is closer to the real thing will give you confidence in your choices and any changes you make.

Scheduling your plan is also a way to start completing the process. Make a detailed list of what the final design will look like and then take each concept of your design and break it down into subcategories and then break it down further until each room or project is written out on paper into the finest details. This will be your plan and road map on where to start and what to do next and then next and next. Finishing the move into your home and completing the decorating intended to bring your home together will be an intentional process that you can see coming closer and closer to the end goal through small steps.

To make sure that your choices don’t end in large risks you can mark the choices that will require a large commitment of money and effort. Identifying those projects will require you to go further into preparing for those than other projects. Do research, consider how you can complete the project in phases, and again put it into small broken down tasks that will allow you to step into those major projects well prepared, educated, and perhaps with a professional completing or overseeing the parts that are best taken out of your amateur do it yourself hands. That could in itself give you full confidence to carry forward.

The final motivational task is to give yourself a deadline. Perhaps you would like to complete your entire moving in and decorating project to allow plenty of time for completing as well as for polishing off your choices before throwing a dinner party. To keep stress to a minimum, don’t send out the invitations but rather know that is the reward for finally finishing your plan. The reward of living in and sharing with friends and family the dream home you had always wanted that is currently just waiting for you to take action is a fabulous reward. It’s time to take action. It’s time to fully move into your property. It’s time to complete your decorating plan. It’s time to make your dream come true.

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